Video: The day of Pisco Sour in “Oh Calamares”

Por Manager, 27 January, 2019


The pisco sour, a cocktail that is fashionable in the United States, and he Mixologist Jan C. Palma, bar consultant Caravedo Pisco Brand AmbassadorNY / NJ, prepares us a #PiscoSour !! live !! New Jersey: Pisco sour is fashionable in the United States, and especially in New Jersey, one of the restaurants where you can enjoy our flag drink is in the well known restaurant “Oh Calamares” and is located at 102 Kearny Ave, Kearny NJ. Peruvian family restaurant. Pisco sour, made from pisco, a brandy and flagship product of Peru, has expanded its consumption in the United States in recent years and is emerging as a trend for its refreshing power, texture and flavor “Pisco sour is one of the most important cocktails in the world, it is the perfect aperitif and drink to open up the palate and to accompany a conversation”, assures us Jan C, Palma, mixologist, bar consultant Caravedo Pisco Brand Ambassador NY / NJ. The standard formula, the most used, always made in shaker with ice, is composed of 3 ounces of pisco, 1 ounce of lemon juice, 1 ounce of egg white and 1 ounce of rubber syrup. Served in a glass, with a drop of bitter narrowness, a touch that can not be missed in a real pisco sour.

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