Peruvians celebrate Pisco Sour Day, Saturday 06 February, Facebook Live

Por Manager, 2 February, 2021

The pisco sour was prepared for the first time in 1920, in the “Morris bar” of the historic Jirón de la Unión in Lima. The exquisite Peruvian pisco, made from grapes, has an enviable quality that is at the level of international distillates such as tequila and whiskey. Since 2004, every first Saturday in February is celebrated the day of one of the most enjoyed and famous cocktails in Peru: the pisco sour.

This coming Saturday, February 6, live on Fecebook Live the Pisco Sour show of our drink, Peruvian cultural heritage.

Thanks to GOYA for their sponsorship, Cabt Liquors, F.T Liquors, Pisco brands that participate Santiago Queirolo, Pisco Vargas, Pisco Rotondo, Pisco Biondi. Present Pisco delivery. By Tv Media Group Llc.

Pisco Sour is the cocktail based on pisco (grape brandy), lemon and crushed ice that thanks to its “refined” and “exquisite” tradition has become the emblem of Peru and today celebrates its National Day for the tenth year. . What does pisco sour taste like? It is made up of egg white, lemon juice, white sugar, Peruvian pisco and angostura bitters. An explosive combination of flavors suitable for any palate, even the most demanding. Its presentation, simple in a crystal glass in which it leaves a foamy texture on top followed by the lime-colored cocktail.

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