LUCHITA’S BAKERY , 2717 Morris Ave. Union Township.

Por Manager, 3 September, 2020
Luchita’s Bakery is a traditional homemade bakery business oriented; our bakery is based on the traditional Peruvian, custom made, thematic and international bakery. Our products are fresh and elaborated the very same date they are requested. We do not use any preservatives, artificial flavors or ingredient substitutes. We have been in the business for almost 40 years ine Peru and US, and we guarantee your satisfaction on every product


{1} Strawberry
Strawberry and peache fruit cake. Torta de fresas con duraznos y chocolate.
{2} Cherry
Cherry and peache fruit cake. Torta de duraznos con cerezas.
{3} Grapes
Grapes, strawberry and peache fruit cake. Torta de uvas, fresas y duraznos.
{4} Kiwifruit
Kiwifruit and peaches fruit cake. Torta de Kiwi y duraznos.
{5} Assorted Fruit
Assorted fruit cake. Torta de frutas con chocolate.
{6} Chocolate and Cream
Chocolate and cream cake. Torta de crema chantilli con chocolate y frutas.
{7} Rose Maraschino
Maraschino and cream fruit cake. Torta de cerezas con crema chantilli.
{8} Rose Chocolate
Chocolate and cream fruit cake. Torta de chocolate con cerezas y crema chantilli.
{9} Kiwifruit Strawberry
Kiwifruit, strawberry and cream fruit cake. Torta de Kiwi con fresas y crema chantilli.
{10} Peach Kiwifruit Strawberry
Peach Kiwifruit, strawberry and cream fruit cake. Torta de Duraznos Kiwi y fresas con crema chantilli.
{11} Rectangle Strawberry Peach
Rectangle Strawberry and peach chantilly cake. Torta rectangular de fresas con duraznos.
{12} Strawberry Peach fiesta
For those who love strawberry and peach with chantilly. Torta para los amantes de las Fresas y Duraznos.
{13} Assorted fruit and Pirouline.
Fruit cake made with chantilly, fruits and chocolate Pirouline.
{14} Peach and strawberry cake with ladyfingers
Made with chantilly, peach and crispy ladyfingers.
{15} Kiwifruit, strawberry and peach crown.
Chantilly cake with assorted fruits and chantilly.
{16} Strawberry, peach and chantilly.
Traditional chantilly and strawberry cake.



2717 Morris Ave. Union Township, NJ, US 07083

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