20 best pisco cocktail images, Peru bicentennial

Por Manager, 7 September, 2020

Pisco is Peru Bicentennial ”Tv Media Group Llc, launches” 20 Best Pisco Cocktail Images “Peru Bicentennial, to promote the consumption of our national drink and proudly celebrate our Peruvian identity for the fulfillment of 200 years of its national independence.

The Pisco ”is ideal for preparing pisco sour with exquisite flavor and aroma, it is also the best companion for family dinners, gatherings of friends, and is the best representative of our country abroad. Pisco is our flagship drink .

Bicentennial of the Independence of Peru

The bicentennial of the Independence of Peru will be dated July 28, 2021. Its celebration will commemorate the 200 years of the proclamation of Independence of Peru. The celebration will correspond to various activities and national plans that are prepared years in advance

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