Uncle Ralph’s Restaurant

Uncle Ralph’s Restaurant Peruvian food, take out – eat in – delivery Weekend specials Telef; 732-339-8021 / 848-202-9366 Business hours 10.00 a.m. – 8.00 p.m Monday to Sunday, Tuesday closed Menu from Monday to Friday Address: 2143 Woodbridge Ave, Edison, NJ 08817   Dirección: 2143 Woodbridge Ave, Edison, NJ 08817

Chela’s Restaurant & Bar – Seco de carnero

Chela’s Restaurant & Bar It is a typical dish of Peruvian gastronomy, whose ingredients are chicha de jora and cilantro. DRY OF LAMB Seco de cordero is a very traditional and delicious stew of Peruvian cuisine that is made with lamb or beef as well as various vegetables such as onions, potatoes and fresh peas....
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Chela’s restaurant, presenta : Peruvian Tasting & Pisco Sour

Peruvian tasting & Pisco Sour Chela’s Restaurant presents “Peruvian Tasting & Pisco Sour”, Thursday, September 2. Peruvian gastronomy is an important industry recognized worldwide and for seven years Peru has been recognized as the ‘Best Culinary Destination’ according to the prestigious ‘World Travel Award. Peruvian cuisine continues to arouse international interest and is a trend...
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Chef Rosa Robles

CHEF ROSA ROBLES Chef Rosa Robles winner of “La Olla de barro” has participated in international gastronomic events. His restaurant “La Casa de Rosita” is located at 58 Broadway, Passaic, NJ 07055

Peruvians celebrate Pisco Sour Day, Saturday 06 February, Facebook Live

The pisco sour was prepared for the first time in 1920, in the “Morris bar” of the historic Jirón de la Unión in Lima. The exquisite Peruvian pisco, made from grapes, has an enviable quality that is at the level of international distillates such as tequila and whiskey. Since 2004, every first Saturday in February...
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If you have not yet tried the best Leche de Tigre, check this out

What is Leche de Tigre? In the past, the juice that remains when preparing Peruvian ceviche was called leche de tigre. The name arises because this delicious little juice has a whitish tone, in addition to having the reputation of being a powerful hangover remedy and a powerful aphrodisiac. What are the benefits of tiger...
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Cocktail ‘Machu Picchu’ at Chela’s Restaurant

Chela’s Rest. One of the best restaurants in the Litte Falls area, 131 Newark Pompton Turnpike Little Falls, NJ 07424. It offers us a wonder of the world, its specialty the cocktail “Machu Picchu Ingredients . Pisco (1.5 OZ) . Mint (1 OZ) . Grenadine (1 OZ) . Orange juice (1 OZ) . Ice cubes...
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Where to Eat a Crab Pulp Cause

Where to Eat a Crab Pulp Cause Peruvians have become experts in experiencing new flavors, in harmonizing aromas and discovering cooking, and for this the diversity of their agricultural production, their varied geography, their multiple cultures and the genius of their cooks have enriched their cuisine to the point of having been recognized as one...
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